Business Scope

Plan & Feasibility Study

Sun Tzu’s The art of war says: do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation at all. The precise and accurate plan and possibility analysis govern the decision of investment and control its success or failure. Fu-Tai has talented and experienced engineering teams who have the familiarity in their own field which provide the customers with feasibility evaluation for either new or BOT project. The evaluation includes cost estimate, financial analysis, economic profit analysis, sensitivity analysis, risk and uncertainty analysis, applicable code and policy analysis, environmental effect evaluation, etc. From the job site walk-down, process plan, proficiency evaluate, process simulate, economic capacity, material conveying and storage system, utilities need and fit, project scheduling, environmental and pollution prevention, substitute case, etc. Fu-Tai provide the practical and objective report for decision-made reference.

Fu-Tai provide engineering design in every field and also BOT, BOO project preliminary arrangement, possibility analysis, bidding document preparation, bidding assistance, bidding review, and contract negotiation service for public department. Fu-Tai has been working on professional fields such as waste silver catalyst recycle refinery, new BOT project for Air Force Exhibition Hall, Chiayi Herbal and Medicine Bioscience Park,  Innovation Center of Agriculture Bioscience Park, Sanmin Valley Tourist Center, Tainan Department of Sports, and Taitung sewerage system BOT service.

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