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Hi-tech industry is the main driving force for Taiwan's economy. This industry requires lighting fast reaction and flexible production when the products come up to the market. Quality, safety and rapidity and prompt reaction is the minimal requirements. Fu-Tai always keep the good reputation with high quality and strict construction requirement in the consultant industry, with the complete civil, structure, mechanical, piping, electrical and air conditioning field engineers and technicians, provided all the design, construction and interfaces solution with different principles. In the electronics industry, Fu-Tai has competitive advantages in design, construction and installation.


Clean room is the general requirement in the bio-tech industry, photonics, semiconductor wafer and the plant for display glass had strictly requirement for vibration. Fu-Tai has design experience from petrochemical, biopharmeceutical industry and extend to photonics, semiconductor wafer and the display glass industry, can deal with the difficulties and challenge for process plant, clean room and utilities system upon these construction experience.

The first and second phases of the Shanghai Hongli Semiconductor Plant and Corning Display Glass China Science and Technology Plant are showing the strength of Fu-Tai's high-tech factory operations. The former was undertaken by Fu-Tai Engineering at the end of 2001, and it has been completed and put into production in May 2003. The latter is the responsibility of design and construction management in cooperation with Fu-Tai Engineering and Fluor, under the frequent design changes required by the customers.  In less than twenty-four months, a piece of wilderness was converted into the most modern high-tech factory.

Fu-Tai Engineering's customers in the high-tech industry include Shanghai Hua Hong Hongli Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Corning Display Glass, 南鑫光電, Chimei Optoelectronics, Showa Denko, Atotech Taiwan Limited; the customer products cover IC manufacturing, LCD display glass, LCD panels, and color filters. Optical discs, hard disk cores, ultra-high purity chemicals, etc.

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