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Fu-Tai Engineering is good at using innovative ideas and meticulous design to propose admirable solutions to solve the dilemma of insufficient space. For example, when designing of Muzha Line of the Taipei MRT in a densely populated area, the difficulty of obtaining land has become a thorny issue. The Fu-Tai Engineering team defies the challenge and integrates the electrical room under the elevated structure with an ingenious design to solve the space limitations. Fu-Tai Engineering has also done detailed design for the offshore drilling platform constructed by CSBC. Various equipment and complicated pipelines are arranged in a small space. The design quality is highly affirmed by CSBC, and it has successively obtained future CSBC's offshore oil drilling platform projects.

The Fu-Tai Project was commissioned by the Civil Aviation Administration in 1995 to plan the main plan of the Taoyuan International Airport’s oil transportation system and the Asia Pacific Air Cargo Transshipment Center. The loop fuel supply system stably supplies the fuel needed by the airport. Fu-Tai Engineering has also been commissioned by the Taiwan Shinkansen headed by Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation. Since 2002, it has undertaken engineering design, procurement services and engineering supervision for the communication and signal system of Taiwan's high-speed rail. In recent years, bridges and large-scale public housing construction projects have been completed one after another.

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