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Oil refinery and engineering had been the foundation of Fu-Tai, and is still the core business till now; we have acquire vast engineering experience and design ability in the past 40 years, Fu-Tai’s business includes basic design, detailed design, supervise management, procurement and EPC project.

Fu-Tai has contribution for petrochemical industry for its flourishing development, the main customer is CPC and FPC (Formosa Plastics Corporation). The sixth naphtha cracker in Mailiao of FPC was the master piece of Fu-Tai in the late 20’ and 21 century; in the 2600 hectare with hundreds of billion invested in the petrochemical zone, Fu-Tai had undertaken more than 20 projects of engineering design and construction assistance. Fu-Tai also play an important role in the petrochemical industry and undertook the TPP polypropylene plant 20 years ago and now is still functioning. Fu-Tai undertook the Shalun and Nankan design for tank expansion and started the oil gas storage and loading equipment field, and CPC let Fu-Tai do the planning and designing job for almost all of oil tank in Taiwan.
In 1985, after undertook the design and supervision job for CPC which the natural gas line from Yong-An to Hsinchu for 289km, and some terminal, tank and pipeline plan, design and supervision job from FPC and completed more than 100 contracts. Fu-Tai has more than 40 years experience in planning, design, and supervision, with substantial experience and renew knowledge, it helps to comply with the customer’s need. As the environmental requirement became strict and awareness being promoted, Fu-Tai’s initiative enhance the relevant ability and is ready for the upcoming challenges.




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